Private Coaching

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Hi there, I'm Staci!

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m so excited about the possibility of supporting you on your personal growth journey.
Here you’ll find an in depth look into what private coaching is and how it can support you in releasing what holds you back so you can create what you want and achieve your goals.
You’ll also learn a little bit about me too. My intention is, that by the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision that is right for you! And from there, if you feel that you’re in the right place and you want to move forward with exploring the possibility of working together, you can let me know by reaching out here.
After you submit your answers, you’ll receive an invitation to book a free discovery call. On the call, I’ll guide you in finding clarity with exactly where you are and where you want to be. And if it’s something I’m absolutely sure I can help you with (I would never promise something I wasn’t sure I could deliver because integrity is one of my top values), I’ll share with you a personalized strategy for how you can achieve it if we were to work together. From there, if it makes sense and you’re ready to step in, you will have the opportunity to get started right away. Sound good?
People often times reach out to me for private coaching for a variety of reasons.
You might be reaching out because…
You want to END the negative self-talk in your head and have a better relationship with yourself.
You want to heal what keeps you from feeling calm, centered and peaceful, especially during times of uncertainty.
You could be reaching out because you feel called to make a bigger difference in the world and you’re stopped in your tracks by fear or resistance.
It might be that you’re excited to invest in doing the deep inner work of up-leveling your mindset so you can move past limiting beliefs to support you in expanding your mission-driven business and impacting more ideal clients.
Or, you might be looking for a way to get unstuck from cycles of self-sabotage to create a life (or business) you love with more purpose, fulfillment ,and meaning.
You might be here because even though you’re at the pinnacle of your career running a multi-6 or 7 figure business, if you’re being honest with yourself, you privately have pressing guilt and doubts about stepping away from being the one holding it all together. You struggle with trust, being overly responsible, and enforcing boundaries around your personal time. You crave more spaciousness in your calendar to pursue your next creative project, to spend time with family and nurture yourself with late start mornings, time in nature or exercise. You’re getting the nudge it’s time to harvest the fruits of your labor as the embodied empowered and visionary CEO.
As I tend to attract empaths and highly sensitive people, you might be here to learn how to harness the power of your intuition to cultivate deeper trust in making more deeply aligned and empowered choices about what you really want to create in life (or business).
You might be at a significant cross-roads in life (or business) and there’s a hidden weight that’s been keeping you from moving forward. I’ve successfully guided many people in harnessing their power to make sound decisions that help them navigate their next direction and take aligned action on their dreams.
And, I work with quite a few people who say they don’t know why they reached out to me, other than they had a “strong gut feeling” or felt a visceral “pull” to work together.
If any of these reasons for being here resonate with you, you could very well be in the right place… only YOU know for sure. I trust your inner knowing.
I’ve been working for over 25 years as a Sacred Depths Certified Transformational Practitioner, Certified Trauma-Informed Therapist, Intuitive Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide and Former Licensed CranioSacral Therapist and Master Body Worker specializing in holistic healing modalities that strengthen mind body spirit connection.
I’ve led women on transformational healing and personal growth journeys that have taken them deep within themselves to bring back the priceless treasures of their light, their leadership and their wisdom. I’ve facilitated transformational talks, workshops, online group coaching programs, in-person women’s circles, spiritual women’s retreats and 1,000’s of private healing and coaching sessions over the phone, by video meetings and in person. So, I’m no stranger to what it takes to hold and facilitate sacred space for others in their shadows… and their light.
All my offerings are designed to support heart-centered women (mostly women in business, but some not) who want to better understand WHO they are and WHAT they really want. And, how to live from their authentic core – to lovingly identify and dissolve what stands in the way of them achieving their vision – that lasts.
I strongly believe that everyone has the potential to develop inner guidance to embody their empowered and evolutionary self-leadership. I am committed to helping people cultivate deep personal understanding of their gifts. And, how those gifts can benefit the planet by making the world a more loving and peaceful place for everyone. The journey of a lifetime is waiting for you.
If you’re curious about making your life more joyful, meaningful, purposeful and abundant…
Then I invite you to join me.
XO, Staci

Here's how Transformational Healing & Coaching works:

If you determine that you’re a yes, as soon as you’re ready to get started, I’ll work alongside you to support that your goals/intentions are met.


Setting goals is only a part of Transformational Healing & Coaching. It’s also about uncovering desires, coming face to face with what’s been holding you back, identifying your limiting beliefs, creating awareness, gaining techniques and tools to empower you on your self-transformation journey, and much more!


Hiring a Personal Transformation Coach is about bringing more clarity, focus, purpose and personal empowerment into your life and work. Through our coaching sessions you will: 


+ Awaken and reconnect with your inner power and passions 
+ Have an increased awareness of yourself and your inner resources and gifts 
+ Discover your deepest self and uncover your higher purpose

Private Coaching can help if you're...

+ Stuck in your career, relationships or health


+ Afraid but willing leave your comfort zone


+ Putting everyone else’s needs before your own


+ Overwhelmed, stressed or anxious about change


+ Challenging the idea that it’s not too late to reinvent your life


+ Taking responsibility for getting out of the “victim loop” to design the life you deserve


+ Wanting to feel successful and fulfilled


+ Searching for your purpose

Here's what Private Coaching isn't:

Coaching is not a replacement for psychotherapy or mental health counseling, although in some instances has some overlap. I approach clients as already whole and complete, not through the lens of diagnosing or pathologizing. By that I mean, I don’t see clients’ circumstances as problems that require fixing or managing. 


Coaching sessions can hold powerful conversations where techniques and tools are taught that create awareness, insight, questioning, deep listening, and develop intuition. Clients may experience energetic pattern recognition, creative exercises, shadow work, negative thought rewiring, empathic observation, and feedback among others. We may look to your past to examine what might be holding you back using imagery or archetypal energies. Coaching works in the here and now and helps you discover and build a bridge to where you want to be. 


There’s a tendency in the coaching industry to spiritually bypass difficult emotions, circumstances or situations with “love & light-ing” things. As well as they work, my approach does not solely rely on continually striving to remain in high vibe flow states, or encourage only the use of positive affirmations, mantras, positive psychology, meditation or prayer to create change. They are parts of a bigger picture that are a harmony – or a continuum of light and dark. As an activist for most of my life, I’ve worked at transcending the duality of light and dark. One cannot have light without dark. My clients gain insight into the nature of their inner feminine power, their embodied wisdom, and their manifesting magic – COMBINED WITH – their inner masculine power, their practical, down-to-earth, structures, systems, and strategies that proactively support their feminine flow. Clients get adept at exposing any analysis paralysis, perfectionism, self-sabotage, resistance and imposter syndrome, allowing them to discover and embrace their wholeness. 


What makes Private Healing & Coaching with me different is that it’s LESS about imparting what “I” know, and MORE about freeing up your PRESENCE that has you EXPERIENCE yourself as the brilliant, magical, resourced, visionary channel that you are. I strive to unlock and amplify this inner guru in you… this inner mistress of ZEN, because YOU are the ultimate expert at healing and guiding your own life, even when at times it may not feel like it. The answers are there already inside you. It is my passion to SERVE you and GUIDE you to LET yourself OUT, to bring your voice and your WHOLE self to the table, reclaiming your self-authority, and your divine right to simply BE who you are, unapologetically.


If this work resonates with you and you choose to sign up, after you’ve signed the contract and paid the invoice, it will be official! I will be your Transformational Coach for the duration! 


I love seeing all the ways this work changes lives, making your life and work more meaningful, joyful, and soul-directed. There are so many paths to finding your center, and life presents many moving parts to designing a life and building a sustainable business. I’ll help you stay grounded in your self-worth and centered in your calm, simplifying and streamlining your efforts so you can better focus on what really matters to you. For some it’s BEING the Chief Visionary Officer. For others, it’s the freedom to be your most empowered, authentic self. 

What will it be for you?

Here's a peek at what you can expect:


Let's Chat

Once you’ve completely reviewed this Coaching Service Guide, answered the questions on the last page, clicked submit, and your answers have been reviewed, it’s time to schedule your Discovery Call with me so we can make sure that we will make a great team! Here’s where you can bring all of your questions on what coaching will do for your life and business, and all the ways you’ll connect with your wisdom to create the inner change necessary for more happiness, improved relationships, better business and increased abundance. If you’re not sure how this whole thing works, that’s okay! I’m here to explain it in a way that makes sense, even if you’re not sure my Transformational Coaching programs and services are for you.


Sign on the Dotted Line

After we have our scheduled Discovery Call, if there are mutual feelings of excitement, I’ll send you a proposal – YAY! Here’s where you can read all the terms, sign the contract and pay your invoice to make things official. You’ll get your welcome packet and then we’ll schedule all of your sessions in advance. I make things simple for you so that we can get started on the deeper, more interesting fun stuff – launching you on your journey of personal self-discovery and empowerment. Because that’s what you’re here for, right?


Welcome & Kick-Off VIP Session

Here’s where it all begins. At your Welcome & Kick-Off VIP Session, we will take a deep dive into assessing where you are in your life and business, what’s been working and what your goals are for what you want to create. I’ll be listening for what you say about all the things you want to change and how I can help, as well as what I’m hearing between the lines! Our call helps me gain a deeper understanding of your values and vision for what you want to achieve while we work together. Your answers (and your questions, especially those!) help us co-create a truly incredible experience. At the end of the call, my intention is for you to come away with an expanded vision for what’s possible on your journey.


The Adventure Begins

For the duration in your Private Coaching Package, you may receive any number of targeted reading assignments, challenges, inspiration, journal prompts, and soul-work. While you progress, I’ll be 100% available for support, so you don’t need to worry about getting derailed or going it alone. I’ve got your back. A willingness to try, take risks, be open to receive, be diligent with homework, and sharing vulnerable feelings is key, so now is the time to be honest and upfront with any desired course corrections or changes. It’s normal for their to be fear and resistance does come up. You will walk your path with me by your side encouraging you and tracking you all along the way as you take one step at a time, so you’ll always feel held inside of our high integrity container, confident in the insights and guidance you’ll receive!


It's Celebration Time!

Once your package is complete, it’s time to celebrate with your Celebrations & Next Steps VIP Session. This is the rich experience where we take time to honor and acknowledge your progress by reviewing what you originally set out to achieve. It’s a time for getting present to all that you accomplished, somatically anchoring you and integrating in body, mind and spirit all of the growth that you have accomplished as you look back. We shine a loving light on YOU to fully receive and own the shifts you experienced. Then, we look at future opportunities for growth to set you up for further learning. To bring our work to completion, I’ll walk you through a special closing ceremony that will send you off with your heart smiling!


Continued Support

As you launch off towards your next big adventure, we’ll pop the champagne – again, and celebrate you and your business – the party continues! And, if you find yourself getting stuck or in need of a new level of support on your journey, don’t worry! I provide various forms of continued support after packages come to completion. Or, if you’re not ready to part ways, you can continue to work with me by renewing your contract in the same program or step into the next level. Sound like fun? 


As an expert in Transformational Healing & Coaching, I always keep adapting and learning. Part of what makes the work we do so successful is the application of honest feedback given to me by clients in their Exit Surveys. I take this information to heart and use it to always be improving my services and offerings so I can serve people better. 


From time to time I ask satisfied clients if they’d be willing to share their success story when they complete their coaching with me to give back in helping me grow my business.

Services and Pricing

Curious about how I can help you befriend your fears and
doubts and shift your mindset?

I’m here to make your life a whole lot simpler, and have you loving yours!

Private Coaching Overview

Transformational Growth Package

It’s time for your growth to take off! Together, we’ll venture out together and create a life (and/or business) you love! You’ll get personalized high level support inside of a six month continuous container. Your deep dive sessions are intended to activate your intuition so you can make grounded and aligned decisions that leave you feeling inspired and freed up to take action on your vision. During that time, you will gain valuable insights into recognizing who you authentically are and discover what you actually want (not what the world conditioned you to want!) that’s in alignment with your soul’s purpose. I’ll be with you every step of the way, guiding, encouraging, teaching and fiercely championing YOU when you lose sight of your vision (yes, it happens and is totally normal). Together we will transform your life from the inside out! 


My intention is for this to be an intimate and deeply nourishing experience that will provide you opportunities for:


>>Intention Setting 
>> Sacred Witnessing that Holds Space for Mystery 
>> Expanded Awareness of Self-Limiting Patterns 
>> Release of Old Paradigms to Birth New Possibilities 
>> Psycho-Spiritual and Emotional Development 
>> Shadow Work to Befriend Fears 
>> Personal Values, Core Gifts and Strength Identification 
>> Creative Exercises and Tools to Unlock Intuition 
>> Embodied Wisdom Integration 
>> Energy Auditing (where you are unknowingly leaking power) 
>> Progress and Insight Tracking to Measure Success 
>> Radical Self-Care and Energetic Practices for Abundance 
>> Rewiring Negative Thought Processes with New Beliefs 
>> Challenges and Soulwork Assignments that Stretch You 
>> Optional Resources for Home Study 
>> Accountability for Taking Action on Accomplishing Goals


The Transformational Growth Package is for you if you want to experience life-changing coaching that will open you up to healing old patterns, deepen your experience of self-love, and manifest a new way of being in all areas of your life!

Take a Deeper Look

Detailed information & pricing

Private Coaching:

Transformational Growth Package



• A SIX Month Container of Continuous Transformational Coaching Support and Guidance

• One Welcome Kick-Off VIP Session

• Twice a Month Deep Dive Sessions (10)
• One Celebrations & Next Steps VIP Session


TIMELINE: 6 Months


PRICING: paid-in-full bonus and payment plan options available upon request


AVAILABILITY: 2 Spaces available beginning May 2023

Words of Love

What clients are saying...

"Staci came into my life when I was feeling paralyzed in so many areas at once."

“Staci came into my life when I was feeling paralyzed in so many areas at once. I felt like the world was closing in on me from all directions. I needed to initiate a divorce and was struggling to move forward. My father was ill and I needed to move him into a home. I was gaining weight and feeling overwhelmed. I had started a business that was not growing, and I wrote a book that I couldn’t bring myself to publish. It was then, a dear friend introduced me to Staci Page. I was hesitant because I didn’t have a lot of regard for the “life coaches” I had met in my life. The last thing I wanted was a cheerleader. Staci’s approach was unlike anything I’ve experienced before or since. Our conversations were fun and she was able to see me in ways that I didn’t see myself, presenting me with gifts of insight that had a potent impact. Somehow, time with her made me see my situations differently, which made mountains of obstacles turn into props on a stage that were easily movable. She had a sense for what I was capable of - and challenged me only in ways that were inspiring and doable for me. I was able to find paths forward that I didn’t know existed that were frictionless and delightful. Next thing I knew, my life was unfolding in directions I hadn’t given myself permission to expect before. I’ve worked with Staci on and off for over 5 years now and she’s my secret to total life fulfillment. I was able to transition my father into a home with grace, compassion, and strength. I initiated and navigated my divorce with courage and clarity, making smart personal, financial, and parenting choices at every important step. I published my book and my business took off. With Staci, I rose to the challenge of single parenting with presence, patience, and joy. My transformation invited the right kind of love and friendships into my world. My business has grown to become an entity that supports me financially, personally, and intellectually, giving me income and space that I need to be good to myself and my son. Before meeting Staci, I wasn’t even aware of how my own perspectives of what my options were had held me back from everything I needed, and how limited some of my beliefs about possibility were. Her vision is what allows me to manifest a reality that is unlike anyone else’s, but perfect for me. More than grateful for what I’ve already achieved, I’m wildly excited about what is yet to be imagined!”
Nicole Ertas Obrien
Global Brand Strategist, Best-selling Author of Free Range Brands, and Founder at Free Range Partners, Illinois, USA

“Because of my work with Staci over the past few years, I have learned to better recognize and calm the anxiety-provoking thoughts that have plagued my mind, to better accept the things outside my control, and to reap the benefits of sitting in the discomfort."

“Because of my work with Staci over the past few years, I have learned to better recognize and calm the anxiety-provoking thoughts that have plagued my mind, to better accept the things outside my control, and to reap the benefits of sitting in the discomfort. I now have priceless tools for “turning the volume down in my mind” that allow me to be a kinder, more peaceful communicator, and a less judgmental human. I’m still learning too, just to slow down. Coaching with Staci has positively impacted my life in many ways I’m still discovering... Most importantly, with the relationships that mean the most to me (including my relationship with myself). If you are lucky enough to work with her, you can expect to find an extremely experienced, kind, respectful, smart as heck, funny, and supportive coach who possesses unique gifts. Staci offers a truly safe space where we collaborate as partners with my growth in focus. She makes me feel like I am her only client and gives her 100% undivided attention. She recalls situations or words I shared, sometimes from years ago! I have hired Staci at various stages in my life and each time brought a new, deeper understanding of who I am. I am very grateful to have Staci with me on my life’s journey.”
Donna Jo Hoffman
Artist, Financial Advisor, Mom, Florida, USA

Book Acknowledgment by Joyce Marter, The Financial Mindset Fix, 2021

"Deep heartfelt thanks to Staci Page, my integrated healer and coach; there really are no words to describe the profound ways you've nurtured my mind, body, and soul. You have coached me through my healing and throughout the development of this book, which I believe is a large part of my soul's purpose. I love you and thank God for you.”
Joyce Marter
LCPC, Psychotherapist, National Speaker, Founder of Urban Balance, Author of The Financial Mindset Fix, Florida, USA

“Staci Page is an alchemist. She does magic!"

“Staci Page is an alchemist. She does magic! She shows me where my blind spots are. She takes my hand and walks with me towards my fear reminding me of the courage I forget that I have. She helps me to sit and take the gifts of the fear with me. If you are thinking of working with Staci, don’t pass up this opportunity. It is such powerful work. I know you will feel so well served.”
Andrea Friedmann
Intuitive Life Coach, Vibrations Coaching, Chicago, IL

“Working with Staci has opened my eyes to the healing abilities within me and the results have been life changing!"

“Working with Staci has opened my eyes to the healing abilities within me and the results have been life changing! In the past two years since I’ve been working with Staci, my outlook and attitude now reflect a zestful love of life, and I have written and published a book, Tremors in the Universe, about my positive journey with Parkinson's that chronicles the work Staci and I have done together. Words don’t do justice to describe the incredible gifts Staci has. The personal growth I've made is incredible. She has helped me discover my true self and give voice to my soul. She is my teacher, my guide, my healer and most of all my friend.”
Robert Baittie
Author of Tremors in the Universe, Adjunct Faculty Member at College of Lake County, Owner & Founder at Giving Back Massage, Shamanic Life Coach, Illinois, USA

"Staci encourages my connection to myself and my soul! I cannot thank her enough for the soul coaching and unconditional love.”

“When I started working with Staci, I knew what I was looking to do was to feel 100% comfortable with what I was guided to do, to be true to my purpose, follow my souls’ journey, and be confident doing so. In working with Staci, I have moved through so much of that and even now as my life has taken on additional life challenges, I have found more of myself than before. Staci encourages my connection to myself and my soul! I cannot thank her enough for the soul coaching and unconditional love.”
Jennifer Froemel
LCPC, Past-President of the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association, Certified Reiki Master, CEO/Founder of Innovative Counseling Partners, LLC, Illinois, USA

“After only a short time working together, I had some big breakthroughs that helped me visualize my big picture and start taking steps towards my dreams!"

“After only a short time working together, I had some big breakthroughs that helped me visualize my big picture and start taking steps towards my dreams! With her guidance and coaching support I am more confident now as an entrepreneur and my business is taking off! If you are feeling stuck and unsure of your next steps towards your dreams or if you need help even knowing what your dreams are anymore, Staci is the coach you need. She will guide you towards living the amazing life you deserve.”
Pamela Schmidt
Certified Raw Food Chef and Holistic Health Coach; Food2Live4, Illinois, USA

“In just one coaching session, I’ve never felt more free!"

“In just one coaching session, I’ve never felt more free! And as someone who is a high achiever, I feel as though I’ve always worn a mask of trying not to be too weird, trying not to be too much, and always trying to fit in by learning what other people are doing… but in just one session the message I got was, “BE YOU”. I realized I’ve been letting my masculine side run the show FOREVER. And, every time I reach burnout it’s because I’m doing all the things… thinking that ‘this is what success is’ and ‘this is what’s going to get me more success’... well, this has just shown me what I actually know. When I tap into my feminine - the connection, the community, the expression - all of that kind of stuff, actually, that’s where my success lies. I reckon, if I had been having coaching like this on a regular basis, my business would be where I’d expected it to be by now. I really do think that, because it wouldn’t be based on what other people think it should be. I’ve always had coaches and I’ve always had mentors and NOBODY has made me feel more connected to actually what I really want, than what you did just now. You know, normally it’s a system thing… ok, well, ideal client and we’ll set this up and then we’ll set that up… but, there’s always been that thing missing of ‘actually, well, what do I want?’ Not what my brain tells me I want, but what does the WISDOM inside me tell me that I need and what I truly want? Thank you, Staci. That was amazing! You are well and truly gifted.”
Akelia Brown
Life & Mindset Coach, Owner/CEO of Akeila Brown Coaching, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Hi There!

It's so great to meet you and hopefully work together!

I'm Staci,


I started Staci Page Healing & Coaching to help other heart-centered women on a mission (whether personal or professional) to put an end to the “blocks” and “obstacles” that hold them back… to get to the depth of their desires, behaviors and patterns,,, to uncover their authentic visions and dreams… to co-create transformation with self-awareness and self-love – all while guiding and supporting them to become oh-so-familiar with their fears and unique patterns of resistance.


Growing a successful business requires you to stay true to yourself.


Why? Because I know what it’s like! I quickly learned that it was not sustainable to DIY my own growth and healing and need for support when I first started my practice. This cost me so much time and money because I couldn’t see my own blindspots where I was limiting myself, instead of really trusting that help was all around me so I could show up for the things that I’m great at (Spoiler: Those are the things that bring in abundance, joy, health, and relationships!).


Finding truly effective and impactful mentors, teachers, coaches and healers helped me find my TRUE Self, my soul tribe, and my own self-leadership. AND, the meaning, peace, and balance in my life and business, without as much suffering! This means having the fun and freedom to show up as I am in my work, getting the support I need from my team, and taking time off to invest in my own personal growth, like going on spiritual retreats, painting in my studio – AND being the mom I want to be for my two teenage sons.


While hiring a coach can feel scary at first, let me tell you… it has freed up so much of my mind and energy, making me a better healer, coach, entrepreneur, mom, friend, and all around happier woman, as a result. It’s my deepest desire to pay it forward by helping others the way I‘ve been helped. Sincerely, it’s my jam to empower women… who also empower other women!


The best part? I get to help you achieve this too! When you work with me, it’s more than just business. It’s a personal connection, investment, and blossoming sisterhood community.


Ready to jump in?




XO, Staci