I'm more than a coach. healer.

I’m a key that people use to unlock their potential.

Beyond a resume or a license on a wall, I prefer to simply share who I am and what I believe to explain the power behind my unique approach to wellness. I have combined all of my personal studies and professional expertise into my practice. And like you, I continue to grow personally, professionally and spiritually, which means the care I provide is always evolving and always improving.

I don’t have a formula because no two people are exactly alike.

Years of my own exploration working for you.

My insights come from my own life’s path as a fine artist, a licensed and certified master bodyworker, a certified craniosacral therapist, a self-expression and leadership coach, an energy medicine practitioner, a certified PTSD coach, a certified mediator, an unconventional shamanic healer, an empath, a mindfulness meditation teacher and a channel of love.

It doesn’t matter what you call this unifying force Higher Power, Universe, Great Mystery, God, Goddess, Allah or All-That-Is, there are many ways to center. With loving presence, each person learns to trust in their own deep source of connection finding their own vision.

One of my most informal unconventional trainings was also my most powerful. For 8 years I apprenticed with a non-traditional medicine woman who was a healer uncomfortable with formal titles. I worked alongside her and learned the art of living from your heart center. This is what I’m most excited to help you find for your own life.

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