I believe in what I do.

So do the people I have helped over the years.

“Staci came into my life when I was feeling paralyzed in so many areas at once... her approach was unlike anything I’ve experienced... and she’s my secret to total life fulfillment.

I felt like the world was closing in on me from all directions. I needed to initiate a divorce and was struggling to move forward. My father was ill and I needed to move him into a home. I was gaining weight and feeling overwhelmed. I had started a business that was not growing, and I wrote a book that I couldn’t bring myself to publish. It was then, a dear friend introduced me to Staci Page.

I was hesitant because I didn’t have a lot of regard for the “life coaches” I had met in my life. The last thing I wanted was a cheerleader. Staci’s approach was unlike anything I’ve experienced before or since. Our conversations were fun and she was able to see me in ways that I didn’t see myself, presenting me with gifts of insight that had a potent impact. Time with her made me see my situations differently, which made mountains of obstacles turn into props on a stage that were easily movable. She had a sense for what I was capable of - and challenged me only in ways that were inspiring and doable for me. I was able to find paths forward that I didn’t know existed and they were frictionless and delightful. Next thing I knew, my life was unfolding in directions I hadn’t given myself permission to expect before. I’ve worked with Staci on and off for over 5 years now and she’s my secret to total life fulfillment.

I was able to transition my father into the home with grace, compassion and strength. I initiated and navigated my divorce with courage and clarity, making smart personal, financial and parenting choices with every important step. I published my book and my business took off. With Staci, I rose to the challenge of single parenting with presence, patience and joy. My transformation invited the right kind of love and friendships into my world. My business has grown to become an entity that supports me financially, personally and intellectually, giving me income and space that I need to be good to myself and my son. Before meeting Staci, I wasn’t aware of how my own perspectives of what my options were held me back from everything I needed, and how limited my own beliefs of possibility were. Her vision is what allows me to manifest a reality that is unlike anyone else’s but perfect for me. I'm more than grateful for what I’ve already achieved and wildly excited about what is yet to be imagined.
Nicole Ertas OBrien
Global Brand Strategist, Best-selling Author, and Founder at Free Range Partners

“After only a short time working together, I had some big breakthroughs.

Staci helped me visualize my big picture and start taking steps towards my dreams. With her guidance and coaching support, I now feel more confident as an entrepreneur and my business is taking off! If you are feeling stuck and unsure of your next steps towards your dreams or if you need help even knowing what your dreams are anymore, Staci is the coach you need. She will guide you towards living the amazing life you deserve.”
Pamela Schmidt
Certified Raw Food Chef and Holistic Health Coach; Food2Live4, Glenview, IL

“Before I hired Staci, I felt restless, frustrated, unhappy and unclear as to what direction I should take in life and career.

During our program, she helped me to open my heart, understand my feelings, and receive confirmation from within about sharing my wisdom and gifts with others, as well as encouragement to move ahead with my lifelong dreams. As a result, I have attracted new clients and developed the content to write my book. Family and friends have noticed my new energy too! The work I have done with Staci opened me up to see from a new place. The beautiful artwork she made just for me are special reminders to continue my journey of transformation.”
Joyce Wietrecki
Talent Development and Leadership Coach, Chicago, IL

“As a coach, Staci has incredible insight, persistence, and patience.

With her unique strategies, skills, and guidance; I was able to get in touch with a long-hidden fear. I saw how this fear was costing me. With Staci’s coaching, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now I can connect more effectively with a wider range of clients and see the next steps in growing my business with less effort.”
Carol Vincie
CEO, Productivity Tools & Insights, LLC, Poughkeepsie, NY

“Staci Page is an alchemist.

She does magic! She shows me where my blind spots are. She takes my hand and walks with me towards my fear reminding me of the courage I forget that I have. She helps me to sit 2 [email protected] and take the gifts of the fear with me. If you are thinking of working with Staci, don’t pass up this opportunity. It is such powerful work. I know you will feel so well served.”
Andrea Friedmann
CEO, Productivity Tools & Insights, LLC, Poughkeepsie, NY

“Staci Page has helped me realize how important it is to take care of myself first so I can be at my best to help others and to follow my dreams because it's okay to make myself happy.

Changes are not always easy for me, but when I have a great support system behind me it makes me want to move mountains.”
Terri Murrin
Caregiver, Park Falls, WI

“In the whole process of this one coaching session, I’ve never felt more free!

As someone who is a high achiever, and I’ve always had coaches and mentors, NOBODY has made me feel more connected to actually what I really want than what you did just now. You know, normally it’s a system thing… ok, well, ideal client and we’ll set this up and then we’ll set that up… but, there’s always been that thing missing of ‘actually, well, what do I really want?’ Not what my brain tells me I want, but what does the WISDOM inside me tell me that I need and what I truly want? Thank you, Staci. You are well and truly gifted.”
Akelia Brown,
Life & Mindset Coach, Owner/CEO of Akeila Brown Coaching, Birmingham, United Kingdom

“Before I started working with Staci, I struggled with giving myself the same compassion and love that I gave others.

To use my voice, that’s been the problem for me – my self-expression. Staci helped me see the truth about myself in a loving and non-critical way. With each session, I felt more hopeful and more powerful, as I learned to speak the truth of my feelings and acknowledge my gifts as a healer. Staci has helped me to see the relationship between how I think, how I’m balanced, and what my heart condition is. I’m finally learning how to love myself without my fears getting in the way. Staci inspires me to empower myself and her presence holds space for sacred work within me. What I’ve learned with her has changed my life. To anyone considering working with Staci Page, it’s not like traditional therapy - or life coaching. It’s creative, playful, and we laugh – a lot! It’s fun but it takes discipline, and you must be willing to do the work. But what I thought was work is now one of my greatest joys in life! Because it’s become who I am - to know what I desire. So, if you want to have a transformed life and love and care for yourself and think about what YOU desire, then this is the place to be! If there’s anyone who can help you get through a crisis, it’s this gal. Staci will help you find your power center within you – and use it on yourself! Don’t think you’re going to go in there and she’s going to cure you! She is going to lead you to the cure within YOU.” 3
Judi Ronan
Hospice Care Provider, Northbrook, IL

“Here’s the thing about Staci. As soon as you meet her you know instantly that she is the real deal.

That’s why I trusted her completely with everything she had to share with me in my Deep Dive session… it was so powerful, the tears just kept coming. Staci helped me connect with parts of myself that I was only just starting to own. She is incredibly gifted, and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her. If you are considering working with Staci, I highly recommend it. She is amazing and so generous of spirit!”
Charisse Sisou
Writer, National Award-winning Belly Dancer & Chief Executive Priestess at The Shameless Movement, Chicago, IL

“As an individual who has been diagnosed and lives with Parkinson’s disease, it is vitally important that I do everything possible to maintain not only my physical strength but my emotional strength as well.

Working with Staci has opened my eyes to the healing abilities that reside within my spirit and my energy. Staci has assisted me in harnessing that energy and the results have been life changing. In the past two years since I’ve been working with Staci, my symptoms have improved, my outlook and attitude now reflect a zestful love of life, and I have written and published a book (Tremors in the Universe) which shares my positive journey and chronicles the work Staci and I have done together. Words can’t do justice to describe the incredible gift Staci has. It is a gift that everyone deserves to give to themselves that will change their life for the better. If you want your spirit to find fulfillment that will feed the rest of your being, I recommend you give Staci a call.”
Robert Baittie
Author of Tremors in the Universe, Adjunct Faculty Member at College of Lake County, Owner & Founder at Giving Back Massage, and Shamanic Life Coach, Inverness, IL

“When I started working with Staci, I knew what I was looking to do was to feel 100% comfortable with what I knew I was guided to do…. be true to my purpose, follow my souls’ journey, and be confident doing so.

In working with Staci, I have moved through so much of that and even now as my life has taken on additional life challenges, I have found more of myself than before. Staci encourages my connection to myself and my soul! I cannot thank her enough for the soul coaching and unconditional love.
Jennifer Froemel
LCPC, CMHIMP, Past-President of the Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association, Certified Reiki Master, CEO/Founder of Innovative Counseling Partners, LLC

Priceless tools!

“Because of my work with Staci off and on over the past 13 years, I have learned to better recognize and calm the anxiety-provoking thoughts that have plagued my mind, to better accept the things I cannot change, and to reap the benefits of sitting in the discomfort. I now have priceless tools for “turning the volume down in my mind” that allow me to be a kinder, more peaceful communicator, and a less judgmental human. I’m still learning too, just to slow down. Coaching with Staci has positively impacted my life in many ways I’m still discovering, most importantly, with the relationships that mean the most to me (including my relationship with myself). If you are lucky enough to work with her, you can expect to find an extremely experienced, kind, respectful, smart as heck, funny, and supportive coach who possesses unique gifts. Staci offers a truly unique safe space where we collaborate as partners with my growth in focus. She makes me feel like I am her only client and gives her 100% undivided attention. She recalls situations or words I shared, sometimes from years ago! I have hired Staci at various stages in my life and each time brought a new, deeper understanding of who I am. I am very grateful to have Staci with me on my life’s journey.”
DonnaJo Hoffman,
Artist, Financial Advisor, Mom

Book Acknowledgments

“Deep heartfelt thanks to Staci Page, my integrated healer and coach; there really are no words to describe the profound ways you’ve nurtured my mind, body, and soul.

You have coached me through my healing and throughout the development of this book, which I believe is a large part of my soul’s purpose. I love you and thank God for you.”
Joyce Marter
LCPC, Psychotherapist, National Speaker, Founder of Urban Balance, Author of The Financial Mindset Fix

“I cannot begin to thank you enough.

It is incredible to me the personal growth I have made because of your loving support. You helped me to discover my true self and gave voice to my soul. You are my teacher, my guide, my healer and most of all you are my friend.”
Robert Baittie
Author of Tremors in the Universe, Adjunct Faculty at College of Lake County, Owner & Founder at Giving Back Massage, Shamanic Life Coach, Inverness, IL